Arda I


Along with Arda II and Arda III, the planets of the Arda System are sparsely populated and only Arda II has any cities of note. The biggest settlement on Arda I is the hidden Rebel base nestled in the depths of the Gauntlet Canyon System.


Arda I is a barren world home to massive canyons, towering mountain ranges, and spectacular rock formations. In the planet’s primordial past, massive rock chimneys served as vents for the geothermal heat deep within the world’s core. As the world evolved, many of these vents went dormant, but the tunnels remained. Today these tunnels connect the cave complexes deep underground and are large enough for many starships, allowing access to the Rebel base.


A group of rebels come to Arda I several years ago with their own forces and fellow sympathizers on Arda II. The natural cave complexes located on Arda I were perfect for establishing a base of operations to strike at the Empire. They used the natural caves and tunnels scattered across the planet to create hidden hanger bays and defensive fortifications. The planet’s rock formations contain many compounds that mask energy readings, providing security from the sensors of any passing ships, but they also interfere with outgoing sensor scans.

Arda I

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