A Testament of Will

Onslaught at Arda I
Episode III

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A Testament of Will

Onslaught at Arda I

The Civil War continues. The REBEL ALLIANCE has made major ground in the Core Worlds pushing back the Imperial Remnant. In the Outer Rim the dreaded IMPERIAL STARFLEET continues its hunt to root out the remaining Rebels in the region.

The brave crew of the PEREGRINE’S PRIDE have joined up with the Rebels in their secret base hidden deep within the canyons of the desert planet, Arda I. There they plot the next move. But unseen forces work against them, and it might already be too late.

Imperial Star Destroyers have appeared in orbit. The Empire has found the hidden base! Outmatched, the Rebels must scramble to evacuate before they are overrun….

Episode III – 2/21/17 – Recap

Arrival at Arda I - Recap
Episode I & Episode II
Campaign Opening Crawl

Episode 1 – 1/30/17

Nine months after the destruction of the Second Death Star, our Heroes have been sent back to the Outer RIm on a secret mission by the Rebel Alliance. Aboard their ‘new’ undercover ship, the Peregrine’s Pride (a HWK-1000 prototype), the party were tasked with delivering supplies and support to the secret Rebel Base on Arda I in the Gordian Reach.

Arriving in the Arda System, the party made a pit stop at the Arda II Relay Station, to pick up encrypted Rebel communications. Unbeknownst to them, the should-be-abandoned station was the new base of operations for an up-and-coming Twi’lek ‘crime lord’ by the name of Zoll Veraxs.

Zoll and his pirate crew were ready to ambush our heroes and a brief blaster fight ensued. Zoll and his crew was quickly outmatched in gun-play and wits. The party agreed to let Zoll go free in exchange for the Rebel communications stashed at the base.

With that taken care of, the party left the station on their HWK-1000 for the final journey to Arda I and the secret base.

Arriving at the barren world of Arda I, the party soon discovered that getting to the Rebel Base was no easy task. To get to the underground base required careful piloting through, “The Gauntlet”, a large canyon with many rock spires, hairpin turns, and other hazards.

Fortunately, they were quickly hailed by Major Yalor at Arda Base to navigate them through the labyrinth.

Unfortunately, Arda Base was experiencing terrible communications issues and our heroes were on their own. Piloting through treacherous terrain, and fighting off the hostile native winged ’Doran’enok’ (lovingly called ‘Rocs’), the party narrowly escaped a crash and successfully landed at Arda Base….


The Player Characters started with +95 XP from previous adventures. Total XP after Episode 1 was +110.

Episode 2 – 2/13/17

Safely at Arda Base, our Heroes were greeted by Major Yalor, one of the senior officers at the base. He welcomed the party and thanked them for bringing the supplies and Rebel communications. Yalor expressed concern that the communications at Arda Base have been having issues. He hadn’t discovered the issue as of yet.

The party split up as they explored their new home.

Gath and the ever faithful droid R6-D6 worked on repairing the Peregrine’s Pride.

Tal ‘supervised’ the unloading and distribution of the important cargo they delivered, making sure only what was exactly on the ‘official’ manifest would be unloaded.

Kip met with Captain Harl Bess in the primary hanger. There he learned of Arda’s three squadrons:

  • Dust Squadron: 4 A-wings, 4 X-wings, and 4 Y-wings. These starfighters are reserved for the most important missions in the sector. The human Lt. Rik Torrence, an A-wing pilot, is the Squadron leader and an old acquaintance of Kip and Gath.
  • ‘Rust Squadron’: 12 Z-95 AF4 Headhunters. These starfighters are the primary used for routine sector patrols and as a backup to Dust Squadron. As the name implies, not all the ships are in good repair.
  • Vortex Squadron: 8 T-47 ‘sandspeeders’. These speeders are in charge of planetary patrol and defense. Jerrod Lourdas (Squadron leader) and some of the pilots were recently injured in an unexpected attack by the native Rocs.

Jaslet went to the Medbay and met Doctor Lorren Morrick. Jaslet agreed to help the doctor with a complex surgical procedure (a Teilo Separation) and in exchange Doctor Morrick gifted her with three med-packs.

Malan meanwhile checked out the Mess Hall. There he met Urel Haydon, a retired Rebel Operative. The jovial and gregarious fellow was quick to make a new friend and explained the inner workings of Arda Base. He asked Malan to talk with a young soldier who recently lost the rest of his squad. Malan spoke with young Sarliss and helped him with his survivor’s guilt.

The party regrouped and met with the leaders of Arda Base, General Ran Niall, Commander Qurno, Major Yalor, and Senior Civilian Advisor Setenna Hase

The General answered questions and then tasked the party with helping Vortex Squadron (sandspeeders) with a patrol in the morning. The party noticed the base’s communication issues were still persisting.

The next morning Kip, Malan, and Jaslet were briefed by Captain Bess before being sent on Vortex Patrol of Sectors 16, 17 and 18. Rik Torrance accompanied them.

Midway through Patrol, this ‘blue milk run’ quickly soured as their ship communications died. They landed in Sector 17 and found a strange device, hidden in the rocks. Some sort of communication device, it seems it was causing the jam.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” said Malan.

Jaslet and Malan were able to turn off the device and store it on one of the sandspeeders for more analysis back at base. Kip and Rik soon realized they were not alone. As if called by the device, a Viper Probe Droid appeared in the canyons. The party successfully ambushed the droid, destroying it before any damage could be done.

Questions on who placed this device and where the droid came from were quickly silenced. As the smoke from the destroyed probe droid dissolved, the party looked up to see the dread silhouettes of Imperial Star Destroyers on the horizon. The Imperial Starfleet had found the Arda I base….

Next Time….

Onslaught at Arda I


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